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Scheduling note

In order to catch up with the broadcast schedule of The Royals, this weekend will be an all-Royals weekend.

Saturday, 18 April: The Royals S01E04

Sunday, 19 April: The Royals S01E05

Monday, 20 April: The Royals S01E06

Monday posts will provide reviews of the latest episode of The Royals until 18 May.

Tuesdays will continue to be “Teen Movie Tuesdays” as usual.

Wednesdays will offer reviews of a variety of different movies, as “Wild Card Wednesday.”

Thursdays will continue to be “Throwback Thursdays,” featuring reviews of classic films from the mid-1960s or earlier.

Fridays, during this time, will cover film noir exclusively as “Film Noir Fridays,” to make up for the temporary suspension of “Mystery Mondays.”

Saturdays will alter reviews of Vikings and Black Sails beginning on Saturday, 25 April, with a review of Black Sails “III.”

Sundays, beginning 26 April, will begin to cover the second season of The Vampire Diaries.


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