Announcing the Mystery Mania Blogathon!

The game is afoot! It’s time to exercise your little grey cells. From Nancy Drew to Scooby Doo, from Poe to Poirot, from the country houses to the urban night world, we love a mystery here at Pop Culture Reverie. We’re celebrating the whodunnits, the private eyes, the locked rooms, alibis and clues, everything mystery with a blogathon, 29-31 March 2019.

1) Topics may include movies, novels, video games, and TV. You may also write about general mystery topics like subgenres or tropes. Or, you can choose to study a particular detective or author.

2) No true crime or documentaries. However, docudramas of true stories (such as David Fincher’s Zodiac) are allowed.

3) Due to the abundance of potential topics, no duplicates will be allowed. Stories in different formats do not count as duplicates. For example, if someone does a novel, the movie version is still fair game.

4) No more than three entries per blog.

5) If you don’t have a blog on your own, I can post your entry on my blog.

6) New entries only. No old posts.

So grab your magnifying glass and join the hunt. Search for the evidence, interrogate the suspects, ferret out the villain, and join the fun.


Pop Culture Reverie: Cut & Run, by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux (2008); Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None PC game (2005)

Various Ramblings of a Nostalgic ItalianMurder by DeathThe Private Eyes (1980)

Musings of a Classic Film Addict: The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939)

Silver Screen ClassicsRebecca (1940)

Realweegiemidget: The Return of the World’s Greatest Detective (1976); Deathtrap (1982)

Thoughts All SortsThe Last of Sheila (1973)

Movie Rob:  The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959); Who Done It?Death on the Nile (1978)

The Stop ButtonThe Maltese Falcon (aka Dangerous Woman) (1931)

Overture Books and FilmYou’ll Find Out (1940)

It Came from the Man Cave!I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016)

In the Good Old Days of Classic MoviesThe Spiral Staircase (1946) and Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)

dbmoviesblogGosford Park (2001)

Screen DreamsLaura (1944)

The Lonely CriticCharade (1963)

18 Cinema LaneMurder, She Wrote (1984) 3 episodes TBD

Silver Screenings: The Lady Vanishes (1938)

The Mystery Buff: Recurring actors and characters on Murder, She Wrote (1984)

Cinematic Scribblings: A Canterbury Tale (1944)

The Midnite Drive-InSherlock (2010)

Critica RetroMy Name Is Julia Ross (1945)



69 comments on “Announcing the Mystery Mania Blogathon!

  1. LOVE this idea!!! As a mystery lover, it may take me a second to narrow down what I want to write about. How long do I have to get you my final commitment(s)?

  2. What a great idea! Could I write about The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939) for my blog Musings of a Classic Film Addict, please?

  3. An exciting blogathon and would love to take part. May I put myself down for Rebecca (1940) please?

  4. Sent a messages but not showing- can I add a post about the shooting of JR Ewing in Dallas in 1980? thanks from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

    • Great choice! I’m a huge Dallas fan! My grandma got me hooked when I was in preschool. I’m not exaggerating. I was the only kid in my kindergarten class who had an opinion on whether Lucy should get an abortion. Let’s just say the other moms weren’t thrilled when I talked about it in class.

  5. I’d like to do „The Last of Sheila“ please.

  6. love this concept Robin!

    can I do Hound of the Baskervilles (1959), Who Done it? (1942) and Death on the Nile (1978)

  7. Can I do… The Maltese Falcon (1931) for The Stop Button?

    • You sure can. I put down the alternate title in addition to The Maltese Falcon so that people who haven’t heard of the 1931 version don’t think it’s a typo for 1941.

  8. would love to jump in with I Am Not A Serial Killer from 2016 been looking forward to watching this Christopher Loyd Mystery.

  9. I am also going to write on The Private Eyes (1980), if that is ok.

  10. Can I write about a post about the movie You’ll Find Out (1940)? My blog is called Overture Books and Film and here is the link https://www.overturebooksandfilm.com/

  11. That is a great idea! Can I please join with my review of the film “Gosford Park” (2001)? Thanks.

  12. I’d love to take part with a post about Laura (1944) please 🙂

  13. May I do The Lady Vanishes (1938)? This is going to be fun. A great idea for a blogathon.

  14. I already write a lot about Murder, She Wrote episodes over at my blog https://themysterybuff.wordpress.com , but one thing that I’ve been meaning to do for a while is write up some posts summarizing the recurring actors and characters from the series. I think this blog-a-thon would be the perfect opportunity to do that.

    This would be my first time participating in a blog-a-thon. How do they work? I mean, other than writing my posts, what else do I do?

    • It sounds like a great idea.

      When the blogathon begins, I’ll make a hub post titled something like “The Mystery Mania Blogathon Is Here.” You post a link to your blog entry in the comments. I will link your entry to the hub page. Easy peasy.

  15. Could I write about A Canterbury Tale (1944)? Thank you!

  16. I don’t see any limitations on how old it must be. So if it’s acceptable I’d like to do a piece on why I like the Benedict Cumberbatch / Martin Freeman BBC version of Sherlock Holmes.

  17. Hi! Can I do My Name is Julia Ross (1945)?
    Le from Critica Retro

  18. What a great idea for a blogathon! As I looked at the participation list, I was surprised to see that the television show, Murder, She Wrote, had not been chosen yet. Jessica Fletcher’s photo is on one of the banners, so I thought for sure that it would be one of the first mystery themed media to be picked. So, for the blogathon, I will review three episodes of Murder, She Wrote! I’ve never seen the show before, so this will be a new and fun experience for me!

  19. Not sure if my comment went through, since I don’t see it. I wanted to claim the BBC series Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

    • It went through. I’ve just been busy with work and haven’t been able to update as often as I should. But I have you down, and this time I think I even spelled your blog name correctly 🙂

  20. Hi, I would like to write a post on Stanely Donen’s Charade.

  21. Can I change my post to Deathtrap (1982) from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

  22. Hi Robin, meant to add this film to change my Dallas post to, sorry for any mix up, the film is The Return of the World’s Greatest Detective (1976) from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

    • I’ve actually seen that. It looked like a pilot that wasn’t picked up. That’s just my impression. I have no knowledge of its production history. I’ve got the change down.


  24. […] film was added to Pop Culture Reverie’s The Mystery Mania Blogathon. Other reviews with this cast include Larry Hagman in my post on Dallas, the Christmas tag post on […]

  25. Hi Just published so here’s my post for the blogathon; https://weegiemidget.wordpress.com/2019/03/28/tv-movie-the-return-of-the-worlds-greatest-detective-1976/ from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

  26. […] is the first of three posts dedicated to Mystery Mania Blogathon being held over at Pop Culture […]

  27. […] is the second of three posts dedicated to Mystery Mania Blogathon being held over at Pop Culture […]

  28. […] is the final of three posts dedicated to Mystery Mania Blogathon being held over at Pop Culture […]

  29. […] for some more mysteries…head on over to Pop Culture Reverie (here) for the Mystery Mania […]

  30. Hi Robin. Would you accept a last minute entry on the film Evil Under the Sun?

  31. […] Hollywood glamour. One thing that I knew I couldn’t miss out on before the end of March was The Mystery Mania Blogathon hosted by Robin of Pop Culture Reverie. I’m always fond of compelling stories that involve […]

  32. Hi Robin! Just published my post for the Mystery Mania Blogathon! Here’s the link:


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